DTF Printer

 DTF Printer

What Surprises Does It Have?

DTF Printer DTF Printer DTF Printer


This software helps to increase the productivity of DTF printing projects! It has a simple, yet powerful interface that allows you to master editing
and designing images with ease. In addition, it can realize multi-image automatic layout and duplicate printing, which greatly improves work
efficiency! The superior color output helps DTF printers achieve "what you see is what you get" results!

DTF Printer

Auto Layout

DTF Printer

Color Consistency

DTF Printer

High Efficient

DTF Printer

Superior Color Accuracy

DTF Printer DTF Printer
DTF Printer

What Can It Be Used For?

DTF Printer DTF Printer DTF Printer DTF Printer DTF Printer

It Can Do Better!

Film control system

It can quickly switch between single film and
film roll and can control the automated in and
out of the film and the equipped output tray
prevents the print from scratches.

White ink circulation system

White ink circulation saves time and ink by constantly
circulating the white ink in the ink tank, preventing the
print head from being clogged and reducing the
frequency of cleaning.

High printing accuracy

It outputs true and clear image results with vivid
colors and fine details printing on a wide range
of fabrics, cotton, polyester and more! Both are
scratch-proof and colorfast!

Easy to use

Just import your design and press the button, the
easy-to-follow steps make it very easy to operate,
even for beginners. The DTF printer is also a good
option for anyone to start a custom apparel
printing business.

Easy to fill ink

Simply unscrew the ink bottle cap, and you're
ready to fill or refill. What’s more, we have
prepared funnels to make refilling even easier
and quicker!

Easy emptying of waste ink

The visual ink tank lets you know when to dispose
of waste ink. And this easy to remove tank makes
it even easier to dispose of your waste ink.

DTF Printer DTF Printer DTF Printer DTF Printer

Only several simple steps

DTF Printer
1. Design your image
DTF Printer
2. Print the design from your PC
DTF Printer
3. Over a pan, sprinkle the hot melt
powder over the back of the film
design and spread evenly
DTF Printer
4. Place film inside a sublimation
oven or under a heat press until
applied powder melts
DTF Printer
5. Transfer image
with heat press
DTF Printer
6. Peel film away slowly
DTF Printer
7. Enjoy your creation!
  • Technical Description
  • DTF Printer
  • Item No.
  • Print head
  • 1390 PRINTHEAD
  • Ink supply mode
  • 6 colors (CMYKWW 6-color)
  • Color scheme
  • White ink output
  • Support / white, color
  • Max. Print Width
  • 30cm
  • Max.Print Resolution
  • 2880*2880dpi
  • Power
  • 35W
  • Voltage
  • 110V-220V 50Hz-60Hz
  • Printer Dimension
  • 74*35*23.9cm
  • Temperature
  • 30~50℃
  • CHumidity
  • 20-80%

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