3D Contour Pro Sublimation Vacuum Tray Set

Maximize Your Sublimation Oven Potential

 sublimation oven

What Can It Be Used For?

Capable of Printing Most of the Cup Shapes, It’s Almighty.

Sublimation Oven Sublimation Oven Sublimation Oven Sublimation Oven Sublimation Oven
Sublimation Oven

Integrated 3D printing solution from sublimation oven

Transfer Rate up to


Pair with external vacuum pump and a vacuum tray, this All in
One System goes beyond the limits of what sublimation oven is
currently possible! It efficiently expands the possibilities of
printing realistic 3D performances on a range of products.

Sublimation Oven

360° Air Circulation
Ensures Even Heating
for Vibrant, Consistent Transfers

Featuring four upper and lower heating tubes, a built-in fan, and a
four-sided enamel cavity, our improved heat distribution system
ensures 360° hot air circulation throughout the interior, ensuring
vivid and vibrant results on substrates.

sublimation oven


Small Size, Big Capacity

sublimation oven

Independent temperature control tube

360o unique air heat circulation & Evenly heated

sublimation oven

Built-in light

Lighting when necessary! Energy saving

sublimation oven

Ceramic Enamel Interior

High temperature resistant & easy to clean

sublimation oven

3 knobs control

Simple and easy to operate

Product Details

for High-precision & Seamless 3D Printing

Sublimation Oven

Pair with 3D Sublimation Film & Mold

Ideal for curved substrates

Sublimation Oven

3D Sublimation Film

  • High Transfer Rate
  • Superior Tensile Strength
  • Wrap-around Capability
  • Exceptional Compatibility
  • Vibrant Color Reproduction
  • No Harm on Printhead
Sublimation Oven
Sublimation Oven

Additional Tools Required

Sublimation Oven

Earphone Case Mold

Sublimation Oven

Shin Guard Mold

Sublimation Oven

Phone Case Mold

Pair with 3D Sublimation Film & Mold

Ideal for curved substrates

Sublimation OvenPlate Sublimation OvenTile Sublimation OvenGlass Block Sublimation OvenCraft Scraper Sublimation OvenPhoto Slate Sublimation OvenGlass/Ceramic Ornament
Sublimation Oven
Sublimation Oven

When the vacuum pump is not in use, simply insert a stopper at the rear of the oven to transform it
into a standard sublimation oven for regular use.

Sublimation Oven
Sublimation Oven

3D Sublimation Film and Sublimation Paper are
compatible with most Inkjet Sublimation Printer
on the market.

Sublimation Oven

Following Tools Help Print Better

Shrink Film

  • Produce proper pressure
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • For drinkware of any size & shape
  • For full-wrap or partial design
  • Max. heat resistance of 180℃/356℉

Silicone Wrap

  • Durable & reusable
  • For even heat distribution
  • Ideal for blanks with handle
  • Maximize printing possibilities

Heat Resistant Silicone Glove

Extra Large Binder Clip

Pair with shrink film, to achieve perfect
print results for mugs and tumblers with handles

Foldable Heat Blower Gun

  • Technical Description
  • Sublimation Oven 25L
  • Item No.
  • CE-KX25BL
  • Capacity
  • 25L
  • Voltage
  • 220/110V 50~60Hz
  • Time Range
  • 1-60min
  • Power
  • 1600W
  • Temp. Range
  • 140-446℉ (60-230℃)
  • Heating Tube
  • 4
  • Size
  • 430 *413 *358 mm
  • N.W.
  • 8.6KG

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